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General Rules

  • 1. The user commits himself not infringing the laws of his country.

  • 2. It is recalled to the user that the other players of this play can be minors and that he commits himself to adapt his language and acts with the laws and manners protecting the minors.

  • 3. The user commits himself not to employ terms or names with racist, pornographic, sexists connotations or other terms going towards manners usual.

  • 4. It is prohibited to create several accounts of play. Multiaccounts will be dissolved.

  • 5. The user commits himself not to manipulate directly or indirectly the game.

  • 6. The user commits himself not to use possible bugs.

  • 7. Usage of VPNs is limited and costantly controlled. To fight multiaccounting, we do not allow the use of browsers or extensions that let the user hide and change costantly their IP.

  • 8. The user declares himself in agreement with the rules of fair play (s. Instructions).

  • 9. Any Infringement to these rules could be sanctioned by a prohibition of play.